Negresco Hotel, Nice, Cote D Azur

French Riviera Resorts

French Riviera Resorts

If it’s your first visit to the French Riviera and looking for the best French Riviera resorts, then a good place to stay would be Nice or Cannes. The reason for this is that both resorts have excellent public transport systems and are on the main coastal rail line which runs from St Raphael to Monaco. From Nice you can also catch the bus 100 which takes you along the lower corniche road. At the last check, the cost was a mere 1.50 euros! From the lower corniche road you will get magnificent views across the bay at Villefranche and of course the approach to Monaco and Monte Carlo.

Monaco Harbour

Image: Monaco harbour

Cannes lies slightly more to the West and is nearer to St Tropez. Like Nice, there is easy access to all the resorts from St Raphael to Monaco although of course the journey to Monaco in the East will take slightly longer. If your plan is a series of day trips then Nice is probably the best option and an added bonus is that it’s next door to the main airport of the area – Nice Cote D’Azur. Please see our page on French Riviera Sightseeing for more information on day trips.

Antibes/Juan les Pins

South of France
The South of France

Located on the French Riviera and midway between Nice and Cannes, the multi-faceted town of Antibes Juan les Pins is an easy resort to reach from Nice airport……more


The Harbour at Beaulieu sur Mer
Beaulieu sur Mer Hotels

The seaside resort of Beaulieu sur Mer is a wonderful place to visit and is often referred to as “La Petite Afrique” (Little Africa)…..more


Hotel Martinez
The Hotel Martinez Cannes France

There is nowhere else on the Riviera quite like Cannes It does live up to its glitzy image and if you take an evening stroll past the hotels on the promenade, you really get a feel for the true Riviera…..more


Menton is close to the Italian boarder and thanks to the surrounding hills and the town’s unique microclimate the town is said to have the mildest climate on the coast…..more


Monaco Harbour

Monaco and Monte Carlo are the destination of dreams…..more


Nice is often referred to as the jewell of the French Riviera…..more

St Tropez

St Tropez
Hotels in St Tropez

St Tropez has achieved a mythical status and is one place on the French Riviera that everyone wants to visit……more

The Best French Riviera Resorts
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The Best French Riviera Resorts